Membership Benefits

SRCIC operates daily to offer an excellent range of benefits, and provides quality service to its members. Benefits as listed below are exclusively available to SRCIC members.


1.  To strengthen the international cooperation among members of SRCIC;
2.  To promote members’ integrated and coordinated development in fields of commerce, trade, finance, investment, culture and tourism;
3.  To help members through free of charge and with charge services, such as first guide information about a single business, specific support, placement and consolidation strategies into foreign market for 
  foreign companies from the countries along the Silk Road;
4.  To organize match-making events and activities to give to members the chance to meet foreign counterparts to introduce production, technological, business cooperation proposals;
5.  To promote and value Silk Road excellences, spreading the peculiarities and the know-how among the countries along Silk Road. 



1.    To elect, stand for election and vote;
2.    To have the priority attend various activities held by SRCIC;
3.    To obtain the priorities and preferential rights of SRCIC services;
4.    To suggest and supervise on SRCIC’s work.


1.    Business Matching

  A key value of joining a Chamber of Commerce is meeting potential clients, contacts and business leads. This is likely to happen whenever you attend one of SRCIC’s many professional seminars and business events. SRCIC has been the link or introducer between companies and individuals commencing, expanding or diversifying their business interest. With our diverse membership database from all major industry, we can accurately help companies and individuals seek potential partners in Hong Kong, mainland China and countries along the Silk Road and beyond.
The approaches we take:

       1)    Understand your business requirements
       2)    Identify potential partners
       3)    Confirm business interests
       4)    Connect you to the partners

2.    Events & Communications / Promotions
       1)    Gala dinner, networking events
       2)    Independent & Targeted events

       3)   This program allows members to sponsor their own event, sharing updates about their offerings, technologies, or expertise with other members.
       4)    Marketing Strategy
              a.    advertisements on magazines and e-media
              b.    press-conference, media relationship
              c.    media campaign (companies, products launch)


3.  Professional Training        
  Regular seminars, panel discussions, and professional development talks are co-ordinated by the Chamber to enable members to meet their peers and increase their knowledge of industry. Through partnerships with member training companies, SRCIC offers numerous courses in business negotiation, sales, presentations, and other key skills required in today’s workforces, in both English and Chinese.

4. Business and Investment Outreach Trips       
  SRCIC organizes several trips each year to various provinces and municipalities around China,as well as to the countries along Silk Road to provide our members with a closer look at the opportunities outside the country’s first-tier cities.



       1)    Interpreter/Translation
       2)    Invitation letter for visa
       3)    HR service
       4)    Business credit report and registration report
       5)    Logistic assistance
       6)    Hotel group price (all over the world)

       7)    Other benefits to be confirmed