2017 Xian Silk Road International Culture Week
19 Sep 2017


Held at the same time with the 2017 Xi'an Silk Road Business Summit on 8 September 2017, Xi'an Silk Road International Culture Week, with its exhibitions, presentations and workshops lasting from one week to one month respectively, has come to its end early this week at the Tang West Market of Xi'an China.



The whole set of the exhibitions covered relics, paintings, pottery, Jewelry and embroidery. Silk Road Collection is the central exhibition of the Culture Week. More than 200 articles of Silk Road treasures from 12 museums reflected the continued cultural, customs and ethnic interaction among the peoples along the Silk Road.



Chinese Contemporary Jade Art Exhibition


 In the salon of Jade Dialogue, well-known jade scholar and Executive Deputy Dean of Lu Xun Literature Academy Mr. Bai Miao talked on Jade Art of Dushan Mountain: Roots, Living, Human, and Routine.


Rock Paintings drew quite a lot of interest from the audience. More than 80 unique paintings from 50 artists impressed viewers for their special colors and ultramodern pictures. And the 200 delicate jade carvings presented the best of the jade craftsmanship in China today. The figures, landscape, wares, flowers and birds, either in hard emerald and pottery or soft silk and brocade, were also the themes of the related workshops and seminars.


Cultural exchange is an important dimension of SRCIC mission, indicated by its Culture Committee as one of the eight professional working groups to promote the understanding and interaction among the Silk Road countries. With all its business activities, culture exchange remains the foundation for relationship and connectivity among the SRCIC members and the peoples of the Silk Road countries.