Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association holds seminar: BRI and Development in Southern Lebanon
4 May 2019

On 4 May, the Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association (ACCDA) held a seminar in Nabatiyeh City in the Kamel Jaber Cultural and Social Center under the title "Silk Road and Development in South Lebanon" in the presence of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Committee in the Lebanese Parliament MP Yassine Jaber. Chinese ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian, ACCDA President Kassem Tofailli, economic and commercial counselor of the Chinese embassy in Lebanon Li Jing, as well as local municipal committee members, business people.


Mr. Ahmed Bazoun, Director of Cultural Affairs of the Arab Chinese Association, delivered a welcoming speech and conducted the meeting, focusing on the importance of the Chinese initiative and the role of the Association in activating relations between China and Lebanon.


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Wang Kejian (L1), Chinese ambassador to Lebanon, Yassine Jaber (M), chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Committee in the Lebanese Parliament, Kassem Tofailli (R1), President of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association 


The first speech was delivered by His Excellency Deputy Yassin Jaber, who welcomed the visit of the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon to Nabatiyeh province, stressing the importance of the leading role played by China on the economic level in the world. He praised the positive role of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the important achievements it achieves.  Expressed his appreciation for China's efforts in promoting the development of bilateral relations with Lebanon, pointing to China's $ 44 million donation to build the Higher Institute of Music, hoping for more positive progress on development projects between the two countries.  He also noted the role of the Arab-China Association for Cooperation and Development in activating communication with China for the benefit of Lebanon and the interest of its people.


Chinese Ambassador Wang Kejian thanked Minister Jaber for his patronage of the meeting and the Assembly for inviting him to participate and visit South Lebanon, especially Nabatiyeh Province, and expressed his absolute willingness to help develop the train of development on its right track. He stressed that China and its embassy in Lebanon and the Commercial and Economic Consular Section welcome  In all channels of communication with those concerned to begin to develop plans for the development of the South, and benefit from Chinese expertise in all fields.


Ambassador  outlined the goals of the "Belt and Road Initiative", briefed the audience on the latest developments in the initiative and mentioned the achievements of cooperation in "one belt and one way" between China and Lebanon. He wished more fruitful relations and opened wider horizons in Lebanese-Chinese relations.  He also pointed out that Lebanon imports more than 2 billion US dollars and China is ready to adjust the trade balance by opening the Chinese markets and encouraging investments in Lebanon.


In the speech made by Kassem Tofailli, President of ACCDA who explained the objectives of the Association in reviving the Arab-Chinese relations. He also noted the distinctive gesture of Minister Jaber in the importance of relations with China and the special role he should play.  Lebanon is the official and the national in the rapprochement with China economically, culturally and culturally.  The association also cooperated with several Chinese institutions and official bodies to achieve joint gains with Lebanon. He hoped that the association's efforts to achieve twinning with Chinese villages and cities would succeed.  He also called on civil organizations and clubs to engage in similar Silk Road organizations, especially the Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce (SRCIC). 


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Seminar scene


further dialogue and discussion with the Chinese ambassador, in which a number of attendees participated, focusing on how to benefit from Chinese experiences and investments for the development of the South.


At the end of the seminar,  honorary trophies were distributed to Chinese Ambassador Wang Kejian and Minister Yassine Jaber. The meeting was preceded by a luncheon hosted by MP Jaber in honor of the Chinese Ambassador.


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Kassem Tofailli, President of ACCDA presents honorary trophies  to Chinese Ambassador Wang Kejian and Minister Yassine Jaber


The Chinese ambassador and the accompanying delegation started his southern day with a visit to the town of Deir Zahrani, where he was received by the President of the Arab  Cooperation and Development Association and the members of the association at his home in the presence of a representatives of the municipality of Deir al-Zahrani.


Resource: the Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association (ACCDA)