ACCDA visits Chinese Embassy in Lebanon
17 Feb 2020


A delegation from the Arab Chinese Cooperation and Development Association (ACCDA), headed by Mr. Kassem Tofailli, met the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Wang Kejian. The delegation included the two vice-presidents, Dr. Pierre El-Khoury and Dr. Jamil Hudeib, the Secretary General, Mukhtar Haidar, a group of university professors, intellectuals, journalists, and a number of Lebanese students pursuing their studies in Chinese universities.



While the Society's delegation expressed its full solidarity with China in the ordeal facing the epidemic of the new Coronavirus, a presentation of the initiatives undertaken by the association to this day to show solidarity with the Chinese people, especially at the Arab and European levels. ACCDA also announced the organization of a round table in the association’s headquarters between the ambassador and various Lebanese health media experts to clarify the health situation and its repercussions on China and the world. The Association also announced the preparation to send a solidarity and investigative delegation from Arab to China that helps explain the reality of what is going on.


In turn, Ambassador Kejian thanked the delegation for its solidarity initiative and presented the latest developments of the epidemic on the ground.


The Chinese ambassador said that the work did not stop containing the epidemic, and that cooperation continues at the highest levels with the World Health Organization in a wide framework of transparency, exchange of experiences, information and a map of the spread of the virus.


Ambassador Keijian added that Beijing sent twenty medical teams to Wuhan in Hubei Province, the epidemic spread center, and that three of them were successfully mixing Chinese medicine with Western Medicine to stop the spread of the epidemic, and although the number of those recovering from it is constantly increasing, the epidemic has not reached yet the peak point, when new discovered infections will subside and recovery rates will rise.


The Chinese ambassador explained the new outbreak of the Corona virus, which still imposes a complete quarantine on Hubei Province and some of its main cities.


The Association affirmed that it stood by all possible means and determination alongside the great Chinese people and its wise leadership.


Source: ACCDA