China, B&R countries join hands in fight against COVID-19
21 May 2020


China's ZTE Foundation recently donated a set of remote diagnosis and treatment system to a Chinese hospital and an Italian hospital respectively to aid the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


The donation ceremony was held on Monday and the beneficiaries were the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University in northwest China's Shaanxi Province and the Hospital of the Sea in Naples, Italy. Based on remote mobile diagnosis as well as treatment and video technology, the facilities will enable medical institutions to conduct remote consultations for critically ill patients, according to the provincial health authorities of Shaanxi.


Many Chinese medical institutions have worked with their counterparts in countries along the Belt and Road as COVID-19 spread across the globe. They have mutually cooperated in a wide range of fields including online conferences, technical consultation, the treatment of severe cases and the use of medicines.


In April, He Xijing, head of the Xi'an International Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, joined a global online meeting on COVID-19. Other medical experts in attendance were from China, Russia, Britain and Japan.


"We would like to share our latest experiences and techniques in prevention, diagnosis and treatment with our foreign counterparts as soon as possible so that they can help more patients," said He, who previously joined the fight against COVID-19 on the front line in central China's Hebei Province.


Li Jinna from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University also shared COVID-19 prevention and control measures with Pakistan's University of Peshawar and local hospitals in an online meeting on May 7.


Muhammad Asif Khan, vice-chancellor of the University of Peshawar, said the exchange resulted in helpful information regarding the fight against COVID-19 for Pakistan, and the country was encouraged to see that the epidemic was being well controlled in China. This has injected confidence and strength into Pakistan's fight against the virus, he added.


Source: Xinhua