B&R News: China to promote application of 5G national standards in B&R countries
26 Dec 2017


China will promote application and implementation of its national standards including 5G and smart city in the countries along the Belt and Road routes, according to an action plan recently released by the Standardization Administration of China.


Under the action plan, China will deepen cooperation on infrastructure standardization and support facility interconnection network construction in the period of 2018-2020.


By 2020, China will constantly enhance compatibility of its standards with the international standards and standards of other countries.


In addition, China will constantly expand the fields of mutual recognition of standards and work with the countries along the Belt and Road routes to formulate no fewer than 100 international standards, translate and launch more than 1,000 foreign versions of the Chinese standards, and carry out 2,000 key technical index comparisons in important fields, said the action plan.


Source: Xinhua News Agency