A congratulatory video from Georgian President for 2018 Silk Road Business Summit
10 Oct 2018


Welcome to the 2018 Silk Road Business Summit organized by the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce.


This is a great event which I really value and support. The vision that was crafted by our Chinese partners - the One Belt One Road Initiative is an inspiring vision for the nations all around the Eurasian continent.


Georgia is playing a crucial role in this process, our traditional historical role of a country that is connecting East and West, cultures, commerce, trade routes, has been regained since our new independence. From the very beginning of our newly regained independence, we started building into this concept.


So we highly appreciate the new vision of One Belt and One Road which gives numerous opportunities and brings prosperity, wealth, commerce, engagement, labor force to nations through this route. If you look at Georgia in the route, you will see that it has specific opportunities and specific potential.


I know that the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce is organizing its events in different locations. I highly recommend our friends to consider the Georgian route to get more acquainted with my country and see the great opportunities we have here.


I applaud to your congregation and believe that your work will be for the profit of the numerous nations through the One Belt and One Road Initiative.