SRCIC Member Reports: SRCIC Vice Chairman Mr. Rajesh Kazi Shrestha Attends the Higer Mini Bus Launching Ceremony in Nepal
24 Jul 2017


On 18 July, 2017, the Launching Ceremony of Higer Mini Bus (organized by A Group) was successfully kicked off in Kathmandu, Nepal. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara and President of the NCC and the SRCIC Vice Chairman Mr. Rajesh Kazi Shrestha attended the ceremony.



During the ceremony, Mr. Mahara told that there was a demand of big buses for public transportation and well-facilitated buses for tourists in Nepal. He said, “In recent days, the country has focused on big buses and buses with facilities for tourists, and implemented tax exemption, so I encourage businessmen to make use of it.”


So far, A Group has started the sale of 27-seat capacity Higer mini bus in Nepal, which comes in services like AC heater, Wi-Fi, refrigerator, TV, side luggage rack, and other luxury features. Chief Executive Officer Rajul Shrestha said, “Higer bus is popular in many countries of the world due to its flexible seats and long-ride ability and has started its sale in Nepal.” According to Shrestha, Higer bus will be used for long distance drive, offices, schools and tourism industries.



Chairman of Nepal Association of Travel and Tour Agents (NATA) Mr. Madhu Acharya said that as tourists prefer flexible and well-facilitated buses, they have complained that such buses are not available in Nepal. “Tourists seek buses with proper facilities but we didn’t import such vehicles. We have just started and it will assist in flourishing tourism in Nepal”, said Mr. Acharya. Due to the high tax in vehicles, the fares are expensive. In order to address such a problem, He suggested Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Mahara handle the issue.