Ukrainian –Chinese Friendship Association Meeting in Xi’an China
2 Aug 2017


On 1 August 2017, a delegation of Ukrainian–Chinese Friendship Association headed by President Oleg Sytnyk visited SRCIC in Xi'an China. Mr. Lu Jianzhong met with the delegation. Two sides discussed on the cooperative projects and the business understanding was achieved in terms of online Silk Roads and the artwork trading.


Mr. Lu and Mr. Sytnyk with delegate from both sides


Also present at the business discussion were the International Financial Analyst Andriy Boyechko, the World Amber Company Partner Alexandr Bondarenko,and President of the World Amber Company in the Dominican Republic Jaklin Malie from the Ukraine side, and Chairman of SRCIC Finance Committee David Kiang, SRCIC Advisor Ben Kwan, Deputy Secretary-General Diane Bian, George Zhang and Katrina Yu from SRCIC side.   


Presentation at the meeting


Mr. Boyechko demonstrated the social platform of their online Silk Road while Mr. Kwan presented the formation of SRCIC eSilkRoad and its mobile APP. The trading platform of International Artwork was also introduced.


Mr. Lu suggested the connection is needed for both sides to reinforce the e-channels for better interaction and more inclusive expansion.


Mr. Lu invited the Ukrainian – Chinese Friendship Association and other partner associations to the 2017 Silk Road Business Summit and Silk Road International Culture Week to be held in Xi'an on 8 September 2017. An agreement will be jointly signed by the participants at the conference for the trading rules and standards of international artwork. Amber will be the first commodity for such trading rules and standards.  


Gifts exchange from both sides