Lebanese Fransabank Representative called on SRCIC Shanghai Office
1 Jul 2019

On 1 July, Walid Daouk, Former Information Minister of Lebanon and Board Member of Fransabank Group, called on SRCIC Shanghai Office. SRCIC Deputy Secretary General Ms. Tian Xiaohong held a friendly talk with Walid Daouk.


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SRCIC Deputy Secretary General Tian Xiaohong (L3) and Walid Daouk (R3)


Walid Daouk said it was his second visit to Shanghai since 2012 and he marveled at breathtaking changes of the city.  Nowadays, China has become a huge market with the increasing growth.


Walid Daouk also conveyed the greeting of Adnan Kassar, Chairman and CEO of Fransabank Group and Honorary Chairman of SRCIC. He said Chairman Kassar specially requested him to visit SRCIC Shanghai Office this time, hoping SRCIC and the Kassar family will always be close to each other and will fully support mutual development.


Ms. Tian Xiaohong and Mr. Walid Daouk exchanging gifts


Deputy Secretary General Ms. Tian Xiaohong expressed her gratitude to Chairman Kaasar for the support, care and help to SRCIC, especially for the warm reception of the delegation led by SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong and Secretary General Li Zhonghang to Lebanon. “The deepening of China's opening up  to the world provides opportunities for Fransabank to embark on the Chinese market. SRCIC Shanghai Office will give all its strength to offer assistance and provide the latest and preferential policies to Fransabank .” Ms. Tian added.


Walid Daouk invited Ms. Tian Xiaohong to visit Lebanon in the future. Ms. Tian received the warm invitation by expressing that she will bring a delegation of Chinese enterprises to Lebanon as an opportunity to increase cultural and commercial exchanges. She also iterated that SRCIC is willing to act as a bridge and a tie to match the projects between two countries.


Both two sides praised the efficacy of meeting hoping to have the deepened cooperation. Ms. Tian Xiaohong and Mr. Walid Daouk are looking forward to seeing each other again at the 2019 Silk Road Business (Hong Kong) Summit in early December.