Montenegrin citizen donates 10,000 medical masks to Wuhan
18 Feb 2020


On 13 Feb, 2020, 10,000 Medical masks have finally arrived in the Embassy of Montenegro, Beijing, after traveling thousands of kilometers in over a week.




These masks were donated by one Montenegrin citizen, who chose to stay in China during this whole time. 10,000 is not a big number, but Montenegro is a very small country, I can not imagine how many pharmacies one had to go and ask, and how much effort one had to make to finally find these 10,000 masks.


On 14 Feb, 2020, these masks were repacked, and ready to be sent to two hospitals in Hubei.


There's a Chinese saying, "Adversity reveals true friendship." As China battles the disease, it is good to know that we have a true friend, even that friend is 8,000 kilometers away from us. As a Chinese, I know we are not fighting alone.


Go Wuhan! Go China!