New China-Europe freight trains route links Inner Mongolia, Moscow launched
7 Aug 2019


A freight train left Ulanqab, a city of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, heading for Moscow, the capital of Russia recently, marking the opening of a new China-Europe freight train route, Beijing Daily reported recently.


The train carried 49 containers of automobile spare parts produced by Great Wall Automobile, one of Chinese leading automobile manufacturers, according to the staff at the transition hub of the freight train in Ulanqab.


So far, Ulanqab has witnessed the departure of 195 China-Europe freight trains in total, said the staff.


The freight route has jointly run by Ulanqab and China's Sinotrans Limited, a leading logistic carrier in China, which marks excellent significance for the two sides on participating in the Belt and Road (B&R) construction.


The cooperation between Ulanqab and Sinotrans plays a crucial role in promoting the city to build an international comprehensive logistics network integrating railway, highway, and aviation, and enhancing economic and trading ties with Eurasian countries, said Wang Xinyu, deputy mayor of Ulanqab city.


A vice-general manger from Sinotrans made remarks that the two sides are expected to explore more ways to deepen cooperation in freight forwarding, multimodal transport, and logistics services, to achieve win-win cooperation.

Source: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service