Silk Road Development and Global Security Forum held in Brussels
24 Oct 2016

20 October 2016, Silk Road Development and Global Security Forum was held in Brussels Belgium by Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. The focus was on the opportunities brought out by China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the solutions to the global security challenges.   


OAPEC Secretary General Abbas Ali Al-Naqi, TRACECA Secretary General Mircea Ciopraga, SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong and CACCI President Jemal Inaishvili attended the Forum.


In his speech at the Forum, Mr. Lu Jianzhong expressed the idea that the construction and development of the new Silk Road will make an active contribution to the global economic growth and security against the current weak global economy and international trade and investment.


He also stated that the Belt and Road Initiative serves as a new engine of the world peaceful development and social security. In the joint construction of the Belt and Road, nongovernment elements play an active role in addition to the governmental cooperation. Business communities of each country are the new force in promoting the economic growth. We are the participators and beneficiaries of international trade and investment. We have unshirkable responsibility in the process of poverty elimination and construction of an inclusive world economy.


Mr.Lu called for more business associations and enterprises to join Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. He explained how eSilkRoad is based on Internet + International Chambers of Commerce + Belt and Road to interact online and offline Silk Roads for effective flows of information, Trade, logistics and capital to create a new way of economic growth. And Silk Road International Development Fund and eSilkRoad Venture Capital Investment Fund aim at environment friendly industries of Hi-Tech and new energies for a green finance.




Report by Xinhua News Agency from Brussels, 20 October, 2016

(Xinhua/Shuai Rong, Cheng Yu)