SRCIC and CCI Russia Strengthening Cooperation
28 Mar 2018



On 28 March 2018, Mr. Pavel Kudriavtsev, regional representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in East Asia, visited SRCIC Beijing Office and discussed issues of bilateral concern with Mr. Wang Yan, Deputy General Secretary of SRCIC.


They talked about SRCIC development, project cooperation and forthcoming international conferences involving SRCIC. Mr. Wang took the opportunity inviting Mr. Kudriavtsev to 2018 World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention on June 30th and 2018 Silk Road Business Summit to be held in Zhangjiajie City in October. Mr. Kudriavtsev accepted the invitation with pleasure. He also introduced the Kamchatka Tourism Summit in April and invited SRCIC and its members to attend for potential collaboration there.


Mr. Kudriavtsev said that CCI Russia has been closely following SRCIC in its activities and is seeking assistance from SRCIC to recommend Moscow International Exhibition Center for Chinese enterprises to use in their business promotion and trade transaction. CCI Russia would like to cooperate with SRCIC to help companies and business organizations obtain qualification requirements in Russia and to co-organize a China-Russia B2B Entrepreneur Seminar this year.


Mr. Wang assured Mr. Kudriavtsev of further communication in the future since the collaboration between the two sides appeared very promising.