SRCIC Attends Education, Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting between Shaanxi and Mogilev
7 Dec 2020



2 December 2020, the online exchange meeting concerning education and economic and trade cooperation was held between Shaanxi, China and Mogilev, Belarus. Speeches were delivered respectively by Yao Hongjuan, Member of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Tang Yugang, Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce, Marinenko Pavel Leonidovich, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee and Economic Committee of Mogilev, Ivanistov Aleksandr Nikolaevich, Director of the Scientific Research Department of the Belarusian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yartsev Andrey Viktorovich, Director of Free Economic Zone of Mogilev, and Luo Jun, Vice President of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University. In addition, representatives of 12 enterprises in food industry, meat import and export, dairy products and other fields promoted their products at the meeting.


Diane Bian, Secretary General of the SRCIC, was also invited to the online meeting. SG Bian introduced the major conferences and international activities held by the SRCIC since its establishment, and also elaborated how the SRCIC actively use its member network and cooperative platform to boost economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchanges between China and Belarus.


SG Bian said that the SRCIC is committed to mobilizing its member resources to strengthen the collaboration between the Sino-Belarusian business communities and enabling the enterprises of Shaanxi and Mogilev to participate in the Belt and Road construction, so as to share the development dividend of the B&R initiative.


Finally, SG Bian gave an introduction to the Silk Road Urban Alliance (SRUA) initiated by SRCIC in 2018. She warmly welcomed Mogilev to join in the SRUA for the potential collaboration and win-win development.