SRCIC scholarship students active in their universities
3 Nov 2017


Sponsored by SRCIC Silk Road Sunshine Fund, close to 30 Ukrainian students have started their college life in Xi'an early this September. The host universities of Xi'an Jiaotong, Northwest, and Shaanxi Normal have embraced them with enthusiasm. 


Photo taken by Ma Qian, Hua Ren, Wang Jingzhou


On the occasion of 115 anniversary of Northwest University, a celebration evening was held on 3 November 2017. The Ukrainian students presented one of the best performances on the university stage and won the lasting applause.   


The next day, Shaanxi Normal University held a special concert Silk Road MelodiesEducation and Culture Exchange for setting up Silk Road alliances of teacher education, humanities, library, archives and publication, and for demonstrating the interaction of international education and traditions in the university.


Ukrainian students performed with their classmates from different countries in the International Chinese School and impressed the audience with a strong touch of the Silk Road culture.


 Photo source: Sohu Education


The Silk Road Sunshine Fund was established as a response to the Belt and Road Initiative for promoting the educational cooperation and cultural interaction. 


At 2017 Xi'an Silk Road Business Summit held in early September, another MOU was signed between the SRCIC Silk Road Sunshine Fund and the Lebanese Economic Organizations for the Arabic students to study in Xi'an China soon.