Ukrainian Silk Road Sunshine Students Welcome the New Year
29 Dec 2017




On 29 December 2017, a special gathering was made in the Belt and Road Salon of the Tang West Market in Xi'an China for the Ukrainian students studying in three local universities to celebrate the departure of 2017 and the coming of 2018.



A year ago, SRCIC had its Silk Road Sunshine Fund started in Kyiv to sponsor 30 Ukrainian students for a college life of four years in China. As the new year was approaching, SRCIC Secretariat arranged this new year party for their first year in China. SRCIC Secretary General Li Zhonghang sent over his new year greetings from Beijing Office to the students.




As a prelude of the evening party, the students began their activity by making Chinese dumpling – Jiaozi. The skillful and unskillful kitchen craftsmanship produced equally good Jiaozi, making the room filled with praise and laughter.


One of the students enjoying the process very much and commented in Chinese, “I like Chinese culture and I like making Jiaozi.”She said, over the four months in China, she had taken time going around to know more about China and its culture. Two of her friends expressed their desire for the new year to get better involved in the local life and to speak better Chinese. They all wished the new year will be another period for the friendship development between Ukraine and China.



The core part came when the Deputy Secretary General Ken Li read the new year greeting letter from SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong, “……Take good care of yourselves in 2018 to make sure that your parents will not worry about you away from home. Please value the opportunity to study in Xi'an, a historical and cultural city, to see and to know about China and to become a friendship link between China and Ukraine. ”


The music rose and Jiaozi was ready. The students had their produce and loved the gathering. Seeing all the smiling faces, Ken was very please to say, “We are proud to have these students in Xi'an. Some take international trade program and some are learning news communication. SRCIC supports such people to people bond. We believe they will be very good ambassadors between China and Ukraine when they finish their four years study here. ”