SRCIC Sunshine Fund Special: Ukrainian students experience China's Arbor Day
11 Mar 2018



On 11 March 2018, eight Ukrainian students as representatives of their sponsored group by SRCIC Sunshine Fund joined the tree planting activity in the Tang West Market and got their first experience of China's Arbor Day. Together with participants from SRCIC and Tang West Market Group, the students planted trees around the Silk Road Culture and Tourism Town and the West Market Residential Zone. They took this opportunity to plant trees for friendship development.



Nastia Medoff, a student studying at Xi'an Jiaotong University, said, "Participating in this activity makes me feel like I'm back home and live as part of the nature". Andrey Nikonov from Northwest University said that the trees he helped plant mark the Ukraine-China friendship in Xi'an.



To improve the ecological environment as well as the sustainable development of urban societies, China's Arbor Day is set on March 12 annually for tree planting.


The Silk Road Sunshine Fund was established by the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce in 2016. Its education program is to sponsor students from the Belt and Road countries to study at the starting point of the ancient Silk Road - Xi'an, China. On 1 September 2017, 30 Ukrainian students arrived in Xi'an and began their college life in universities of Jiaotong, Northwest, and Shaanxi Normal. Their engagement in social activities and communication events are part of their study life in China.


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