Uzbekistan Samarkand Projects Promotion Meeting in Xi'an China
11 Apr 2018

8 April 2018, the delegation of 80 people led by Samarkand State Governor Turab Ikramovich Djurayev from Uzbekistan held an investment promotion meeting in Xi’an and introduced projects in tourism, financial and cultural sectors. SRCIC representative Alina Cao attended the meeting and met with the Deputy Governor of Samarkand Mr. Otabek Babaev and the entrepreneurs attending the meeting. The discussion between them was proactive and instructive.


Uzbekistan Samarkand Projects Promotion Meeting


Mr. Babaev expressed his strong hope of building up a cooperative platform with SRCIC to get Chinese entrepreneurs for Samarkand exports, for joint production of cement, and the tourism in Samarkand. He also wanted to take this opportunity to attract Chinese enterprises to Uzbekistan Free Trade Zone, and to co-build a Samarkand Confucius Cultural Square.


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Introduction of Surgut Free Trade Zone


Alina Cao on behalf of SRCIC cordially invited Governor and Deputy Governor of Samarkand to attend 2018 World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention on June 30th and 2018 Silk Road Business Summit in China’s Zhangjiajie city in October.