Zhangjiajie Introduces 30 Measures to Revive Tourism Market
20 Feb 2020


Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, the rotating presidency city of the Silk Road Urban Alliance initiated by Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, has gained impressive victory over the epidemic with rapid response, mobilized actions and precise tactics.


By 10:19 am of February 17, 2020, all five patients infected with coronavirus in Zhangjiajie had been discharged from hospitals. Among all cities in Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie was the last to have infected cases, yet the first and the fastest to treat all patients with success.


The last patient infected with coronavirus in Zhangjiajie being discharged from hospital (Source: Hunan Daily )


Confronted with the epidemic, more than 1.7 million Zhangjiajie people demonstrated their courage and unity, and mobilized all sectors to fight the battle. On February 15, Zhangjiajie dispatched a team of 20 medics to the epicenter Wuhan in Hubei Province for support. On February 18, Zhangjiajie donated 152 tons of supplies to Wuhan, including vegetables, noodles, instant food, drinks, disinfectant, surgical masks and so forth, which arrived in Wuhan in the morning of February 19.


Vehicles carrying supplies are ready for departure to epicenter Wuhan in Hubei Province. (Source: Zhangjiajie APP)


On February 18, Zhangjiajie city enacted the 310 Action Plan for Supporting the Recovery of the Tourism Market in Zhangjiajie City, which includes 30 measures to boost the confidence of tourism industry and the revival of the tourism market.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Source: Zhangjiajie tourism website)


The 30 measures covered policy support, product transformation, service improvement, marketing management,etc..


The ten measures to boost the tourism market are specified as such: After Zhangjiajie's scenic spots are re-opened, medical professionals across the country are entitled to free entry to and free transportation inside the scenic spots managed by 33 companies in Zhangjiajie until the end of this year; Within two months after re-opening the scenic spots, all tourists enjoy the policy of "buy one get one free" by 27 companies of scenic spots in Zhangjiajie, except for preferential tickets. In this period, 15 hotels and 18 inns will offer “one night for stay and one night for free” policy; In order to encourage travel agencies to organize tourist groups, travel agencies that attract more tourists, exert greater influence and offer better services will be awarded 50,000 yuan or more; In order to restore the traffic as soon as possible, subsidies and incentives shall be offered to airlines and dedicated rail routes; A series of projects will be carried out to re-energize the tourism market, such as "Zhangjiajie Online Sightseeing" and "Anti-epidemic Heroes gathering in Zhangjiajie".


To heighten the morale and strength of tourism companies to survive this hard time, the Zhangjiajie municipal government has formulated 10 policies, including setting up special support fund, increasing financing measures, tax policy support, reducing business operating costs, higher rewards to companies making tremendous efforts, temporary and partial refund of the deposit for quality tourism service delivery, stronger employment support measures, reduction and lenient terms for rent, gas and water bills, and incorporating an oriented support system for municipal leaders to help companies more efficiently.


Source: People's Daily APP; Hunan Daily; Zhangjiajie News APP, etc.