Silk Road Enterprise Development Alliance


Silk Road Enterprise Development Alliance (SREDA) is affiliated with SRCIC. It is an international organization voluntarily joined in by enterprises in the Belt and Road countries and regions. It serves as an important platform for substantial cooperation among the said enterprises.


SREDA is aimed at promoting exchanges and cooperation among enterprises, providing services and facilitation for enterprises to participate in activities organized by SRCIC and SREDA, assisting enterprises to obtain professional consultations in fields of trade and investment from member chambers so as to achieve the goal of opportunity sharing, benefit sharing, and mutual development.


Advantages and Benefits for members of Silk Road Enterprise Development Alliance(SREDA)


  • Access to a global vision and development.
  • Priority to share project resources provided by SRCIC partners and members.
  • Access to business consultation provided by SRCIC partners and members.
  • Privilege to share SRCIC communication channels, including but not limited to, partnership media and social networking services.
  • Opportunities of exchange and cooperation with the big number of SRCIC and SREDA members.
  • Privilege to participate international events organized by SRCIC, such as forum, conference, road shows and business visits.
  • A platform to network with business leaders and leading entrepreneurs.



Welcome to join us! Please read the application guide, fill the form and email to