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Two Green Energy Investment Projects for Chinese Market
21 Mar 2018


Project Progress:

The projects are under pre-construction, and have acquired licenses from all states.


Project 1:

The Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity with total capacity of 22 MWel will be established in the island of Rhodes, Southern Greece. The project has received 7 million Euros, which is part of the 18 million investment in green energy. This electricity plant is the first in Greece, and will give impetus to the growth of such ones in other Greek regions.


Project 2:

45 Photovoltaic Parks with total capacity of 275,53MW will be established and put into operation in Greece. The project has received a mount of investment. A long-term loan guaranteed by SINOSURE and EPC constructor (China) has been approved by a major Chinese funded bank.


Please download  Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity of 22 MWel and 45 Photovoltaic Parks to learn more about the projects.


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